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Easy Side Hustles To Make Money

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Have you ever wanted to make some extra cash without having to commit to crazy hours at work, or quite frankly put a ton of effort into it?

Yeah me too… Let's just be honest here, sometimes you just wanna make some extra jingle without starting a business or making your boss more money by working more hours.

In this article I will show you 3 Easy side hustles to make money. These quick ideas don't take a ton of effort to see through, however they can put a few extra bucks in your pockets. How you can make some extra loot, quickly and with minimal effort?

Can make some extra loot, quickly with minimal effort?….Yup!

You definitely can, take these 3 ideas and see if they mesh well with you, if so get hustling! Time waits for no one!

With the holidays just around the bend, this is the time to get moving if you want to avoid the stress of credit cards, overspending, and regret after it's all done.

With a little effort we can make enough to buy or family and friends gifts they will love…. Without spending our normal income.

Let's jump right into it…Shall we?

Sell The Stuff Lying Around You Don't Use Anyways

I have it, you have it…. Crap that just lays around collecting dust day after day. Why not sell it to someone who will actually use the stuff? In this day and age we have access to so many platforms designed to make selling items easy as pie.

  • E-Bay
  • Offer up
  • Craigslist

These are just a few choices you can leverage to sell some stuff quickly and easily! Why not kill two birds with one stone? Finally, follow through with that new year's resolution to clean out the garage, and make some money!

Sell smart, sell often… How to get started

For this you just need to do the obvious, set a certain day where you are going to sort out all the stuff you haven't even looked at in 5 years. For me I use the following rule… If I haven't used it in a year, I toss it. I realize some of you may be gasping at that thought but hear me out…. Do you really need all that stuff if you haven't even touched it since grade school?

What if that “stuff” can be turned to cash? Sounds a little better when said that way doesn't it?

Start small and sort out your things that you want to sell, then separate them into categories, this is where you will start to put a value on them so you know how to price them out. Look up what things are going for on eBay and other platforms, this has two benefits…

First you get to see what's out there and if it's selling…… Second you don't under price your stuff and get hosed.

Pro selling tip:

Planning to sell some items on, let's say E bay?… Or anywhere else you need to ship the item after it's sold, bring it to UPS or wherever you will use to ship it FIRST! Man have I been shocked by shipping costs when I started, I have actually lost money simply because I guessed what something would cost to ship.

Time to start selling!

Once you have your items priced and separated, PLUS you know how much they will cost to ship roughly, it's time to get on some platforms. Whatever platform you choose make sure you write a decent ad that explains the item's condition well. On top of that don't get lazy when it's picture time.

I have done this before…. You know, just saying “screw It” as you take a half decent shot of something and then post it…. Only to wonder in a week why the same product you are selling has bids and yours is in a ghost town of no action, no sale.

Don't skimp on picture quality!

This can mean the difference of a sale or fail, people buy with their eyes… Period!

When you are selling something nice, make it LOOK nice in the listing.

Stop over paying for insurance!

Side hustle number two is not really a “hustle” at all. What can easily put a few hundo in your pocket per year you ask?

Straighten out your insurance company!

As simple as this is, many people overlook how much they are overpaying for insurance. If you have a good driving record, (even if you don't) start to shop around to get a better rate.

Insurance companies are notorious for jacking up rates slowly…. Per year, It's time to shut them down and get a better rate. Call them up and call em' out. If they can't provide you a better rate, it's time to dump the old and get the new.

It does not just stop there …. I have said a million times, “you need to shop around once a year at least bare minimum for better services and rates!”

Take a close look at your services such as cell phone and cable bills… Cut out the crap you don't need and keep more money in your pocket. Chances are you will find better service at a cheaper rate 80% of the time.

Easy side hustles to make money are not always bringing the cash in… It's putting the throttle on overcharging services that pull it out. With this tactic you could literally save hundreds a year.


Again the strategy is pretty straight forward… Write down all the services you pay for, an example list could be…

  • Car insurance
  • Cell phone bill
  • Home insurance
  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Even electricity

Find those high rates and kick them out, many times you end up getting better services for less!

Start A Blog

The truth is blogging can be very lucrative… Think about it, you are reading one right now ! If you have a hobby or passion and want to voice your ideas on the subject, starting a blog is the way to go! This method does require some more work than the first two, however with the right training starting your own website is easy.

What can be better than writing about your passions, plus bringing value to people looking for answers on the subject you know most about? If this sounds right up your alley I have a full in depth review of the absolute best training available on starting a profit producing website.

==> Read my review and get started with a free website here! <==

Blogging continues to be a very lucrative platform for making extra money on the side. Blogging allows you to voice your thoughts and opinions on any topic you are familiar with.

With some work and knowledge, you have the potential to make a few extra hundred a month, to thousands and above. Out of the three side hustles listed here a blog will require more work, however there is much more sustainable earning potential over the long haul.

I break down the process much more in the review above if this idea sounds like something you would like to get started >Here<

The money is in the effort

If you want to make some extra cash either one of these side hustles can make you money. Pick one or all, either way I encourage you to get out there and just start.

Many times we wait for the right time or the right situation….The truth is no journey starts unless the first step is taken.

Get out there and start hustling!

8 thoughts on “Easy Side Hustles To Make Money

  1. I really enjoyed your truthfulness in this article because it is clearly shown that making more money sometimes means spending less when you don’t have to spend it. That is so true! I loved how you talked about blogging because it is something that takes effort but if you talk about something you have a passion for and know a lot about it might not feel like work as much. How did you take that first step? It seems really simple and it is, but actually taking that step is never easy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So many times we avoid starting something new out of fear of failure. My advice is to set some goals and get training. The platform I learned much of what I know from is called Wealthy Affiliate.

      They will get the ball rolling for you, before you know it you won’t even remember being nervous about starting!

      All the best….Jerry

  2. Haven’t we all wanted to make a few dollars to sweeten the month and make paying the bills just that little bit easier. I liked your suggestions, I do have a garage full of stuff that I don’t use. I recently sold my pushbike on one of the local platforms and had 20 people wanting to buy it. I made a tidy profit and felt good about decluttering. I now plan to find one item a week to post and whittle away at the pile. I was pleased to see that you didn’t automatically suggest surveys, I hate that.

    Another quick money maker is offering your services to older people to little jobs that they can’t do. I charge $25 an hour to weed some garden beds or gurney a driveway and it feels good to be giving back locally.

    1. Glad you liked the suggestions Lily. Isn’t it great to declutter and make some cash? I really like the fact that you are giving back and helping others as well. I wish you much success in your side hustles!

      All the best ….Jerry

  3. This is a good and effective article. Many people are looking for ways to make money so this article will help a lot of individuals. I too was someone who was looking for ways to make money so this article will definitely appeal to a lot of people. Thank you for this, it was really informative. I would definitely recommend it to individuals. 

  4. Thank you for the three methods to make extra cash. All of them are good. The one that stands out the most for me, is blogging. I find this a good investment for the long run, whereas eBay is just a quick dollar to make if you have something to sell. For me, I do not have much to sell.

    For blogging, what tips can you give that will speed up the money making process for it? I know there Adsense, but can take a while if your website traffic are not clicking on Adsense ads and your account can be quickly disabled due to one user going crazy into your Adsense ads. Just curious about your thoughts about blogging.

    1. Hello Bernard, I agree that blogging is something that has more staying power than the other methods for sure. One thing that I try to remember is blogging should be enjoyable first…When you can write your thoughts and really enjoy doing it you bring true value to people’s lives.

      Blogging is a slow process that will take some time before you see any sort of income, there are no shortcuts. This is a big reason why people simply give up after a few months. 

      WRITE WITH A TRUE PASSION TO HELP PEOPLE and the money will eventually come. As for tactics building an email list is a must, also finding great products and writing helpful reviews while linking to the product is a solid strategy. 

      Wishing you the best on your side hustles! ….. Jerry Litmus

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